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Recent Books on Paper/ Nano Technology

Authored by Dr. Mahendra Patel

·         Materials for Better Productivity in Pulp and Paper Mills: Metals and Polymers (2015).

·        Ceramics in Paper Manufacturing including Advanced and Nano Materials (2014).

·        Micro and Nanotechnology in Paper Manufacturing.

·        Operations and Recycling in Paper Mills with Micro and Nano Concepts.

·         Minerals in Paper Manufacturing.

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Nanotechnology Update

Pulp, Paper, Minerals, Ceramics, Materials Science, Water, Energy etc

03/21/2015Marcus Wallenberg Prize for Nanocellulose
03/21/2015High-filler technology
03/21/2015New Nanocellulose Pilot Plant in the Netherlands
02/27/2015Record Production of Cellulose, Lignin and Bioethanol
02/18/2015High Performance Suction Roll with Polyurethane Cover
02/18/2015Silicon Carbide for Sensors in Harsh Environments
12/22/2014Wood Powder as Additive of Paperboard
12/22/2014Calcium Carbonate in Recycled Paper
12/15/2014Low Cost Way to produce Nanocellulose from Wood Fibre
12/15/2014New Food Packaging Material
11/11/2014Nanotechnology Enhanced Doctor Blades
10/30/2014Improvement of Deinked Old Newspaper by Nanofibrillated Cellulose Addition
10/09/2014Charge Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles Applied as Antibacterial Agents
10/09/2014Chemical Compounds of the Future
09/05/2014Cost-Effective Approach for Producing Nanoparticles
09/03/2014A novel technique to characterize nano-ligno-cellulose
08/01/2014New system to detect mercury in water systems
07/09/2014Market for cellulose nanomaterial-enabled products
07/09/2014Chemical and morphological characterization of sugar cane bagasse
07/09/2014Nanocellulose in polymer composites and biomedical applications

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