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·         Micro and Nanotechnology in Paper Manufacturing

·         Operations and Recycling in Paper Mills with Micro and Nano Concepts (2012)

·         Ceramics in Paper Manufacturing  including Advanced and Nano Materials (2013)

·         Minerals in Paper Manufacturing

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Nanotechnology Update

Pulp, Paper, Minerals, Ceramics, Materials Science, Water, Energy etc

02/04/2014263. Performance of SB Rubber filled by Modified Attapulgite
02/04/2014263. Performance of SB Rubber filled by Modified Attapulgite
02/04/2014262) Nano-Paper Filter removes Viruses
02/04/2014261. Regulating Antimicrobial Ingredients in Consumer Products
02/04/2014260.Production of Pure Lignin Product
27/03/2014259.Rice Husk-Derived Activated Carbon for Li Ion Battery Anode
21/03/2014Liquid-Repellent Paper
17/02/2014Antimicrobial Coating of Implants
21/01/2014Cellulose filament demo plant
07/01/2014Jet-propelled Wastewater Treatment
07/01/2014High-temperature sensor technologies to increase power plant efficiency
18/11/2013Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass into Fermentable Sugars
07/11/2013Cellulose Nano crystal Production in Alberta
14/10/2013Nanotechnology enhanced composite doctor blades
24/09/2013Pore structure and clay orientation in curtain coating
23/09/2013Combining X-rays and Microscopes for precise experiments
09/09/2013SiC Nanoparticles for Ink-Jet Printing
09/09/2013Antibacterial Activities of Silver Nanoparticles Against Bacillus subtilis
09/09/2013Antibacterial Micro-Porous Titanium with Silver Nano-Particles
09/09/2013Preparation of Bamboo Cellulose Carbamate

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