Micro and Nano Technology


Paper Manufacturing


Author- Dr. Mahendra Patel,

(37 chapters, 530 pages)

Foreword for the book written by:

Prof. Rene Van Grieken, Editor-in-Chief, X-ray Spectrometry and Director, University of Antwerp, Belgium.;

Congratulation letter by: 

Prof. Dominique Lachenal, International School of Paper, Grenoble, France.

Book with New Concepts/ Technology including multi-disciplinary subject, techno-commercial aspects and latest R & D information.   

This book explains for the first time authentically the applications of Nanotechnology in Pulp and Paper manufacturing. Many existing processes and technologies are explained to have bearings on micro and nano phenomena and concepts. On reading this book, you will be astonished and tempt to initiate interpreting and applying everything in terms of micro and nanotechnology. The author invites interactive discussions to further knowledge on Nanotechnology.     

Nanotechnology and Concepts

It is high time that you understand what is nanotechnology and its scope in pulp and paper manufacturing, get acquainted with the  Definitions, Scope in the industry and different Concepts/ Mechanisms concerned with Micro to nano technology. (Ch.1-10).

Nano Concepts in Raw Materials

Wood, trees (Genetically modified lignin-deficient trees), agro-residues and recycled fibre (stickies etc) have bearing with micro structures.

Nano Concepts in Fibreline

Mechanisms in Modern Pulping and Bleaching ( ECF/TCF) technologies are explained in terms of micro and nano phenomena (Ch.15, 16).

Nano Concepts in Wet-end and Paper-making

Micro particle and micro polymer technologies for better retention and drainage properties at the wet end are the first application of nanotechnology. Micro and nano size high-performance engineered minerals and oxides imparting superior optical, surface and printability properties to the paper, are cited. It covers also Paper Machinery manufacturing namely rolls and fabrics with a micro and a nano base (Ch.17-20).

Coating, Packaging, Specialty Papers and Printing

Section 3 covers nanotechnology in coating, packaging, printing and in specialty papers. Production of intelligent wood and composites and packaging materials for security, counterfeiting, safety and antimicrobial purpose; New types of antibacterial paper, tissue paper and newsprint have recently been produced using nanotechnology (Ch.21-26). 
Nanotechnology in Energy and Environment

Section 4 covers nanotechnology in production techniques, environmental and in energy issues including Pulp mill as a biorefinery, wind and solar energy (Ch.27, 28).

Production Technologies and Systems

Topics covered here are R & D, Economics, Roadmap, Electron Microscopy, X-ray Spectrometry, STM, AFM, Micro techniques with Online quality measurements using micro sensors and Future of Nanotechnology (Ch.29-37).

Price: US $ 120+ Delivery cost (US $ 30)


Dr. M. Patel, Industrypaper.

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03/13/2015Rajni Patel
Dear Patel Sir,

Send me copy of this book. Also please send me invoice copy and bank details through email to make payment.



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Mfgrs & Exptrs of Pulp & Paper Machinery.
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03/08/2015Hi-Tech Book, Daryaganj
I am interested in buying your books-Operations and Recycling--------- and
Ceramics in paper manufacturing--------

Pl.let us know where from these books will be available and price of the books.
11/18/2014C. V. Suubba Rao
Dear Dr.Patel,

Namaste. Congratulation for your latest Book on recycling. It is really a commendable work, and hats off to your hard dedicated work. Probably you are the only technologist writing International standard books in India. With all the best wishes and regards.
C.V.Subba Rao
06/26/2014R S MANI
Sir, We are security paper manufacturers in India as approved by RBI-IBA. We have a 1400 mm mould security paper making machine in which mould water mark embedded with visible and invisible security fibers,plus thread insertion can be given.Now we wish to go for nano technology as per your book for giving additional security against forgery and giving exclusiveness of the document belonging to a customer by scanning it. Please guide us in this matter. Thanks.R S MANI www.geminigraphicsindia.com
Thanks Dr. Patel for offering your wonderful publication. We already have couple of your publications in our technical library. Our people always speak high about your books. We have asked our imports department to process for it.

Wishing you all the best.

With Regards

07/09/2012Madame Coralie Lefèvre
Cher Monsieur
Nous avons bien réceptionnés votre ouvrage
05/07/2012H.Thakur, Malyasia
Dear Dr Patel.

It was nice meeting you in the Paper Asia conference. Although your paper was brief but very interesting in its core value. Nano technology is definitely new in the context of pulp & paper industry and there is tremendous scope for its application .

I hope that the industry will take more and more advantage of this technology particularly from the learned people like you. Please share with us the application part of this technology in various cellulose derivatives and new product development through this technology.

It will be my pleasure to be in contact with you in coming future.

Best Regards.

02/12/2012Jahanzeb, Pakistan
Thanks Dr. Patel;

We have initiated request to our imports department for this book and hopefully you will get formal order very soon. We have found you books extremely useful and worth buying.

Thanks & Regards

01/24/2012Daven Chamberlain, Editor, Paper Technology
Dear Dr Patel,

Many thanks for your contact. I will place the following in the next edition of Paper Technology, alongside another book I have been sent for review:

Operations and recycling in Paper Mills with Micro and Nano Concepts, M. Patel, (Book), 2012. Obtainable from the author (industrypaper@yahoo.co.uk), US$150 + postage.

The author has just contacted us with news of this new publication. (We reviewed his two other book sin November 2010). In due course we will endeavour to obtain a copy of this new work for review.

As regards your previous books, I recently used your ‘Micro and Nano Technology’ book when writing a couple of chapters for a new book on packaging technology which will be published by Wiley Blackwell this year. I went into very little depth on the subject, but referenced your book as the current most up to date reference work on the subject in the paper area. Hopefully that will increase knowledge of the book, and lead to increased sales. (The Wiley book is aimed at Europe and USA so your book will get good coverage).

Finally, please note I am changing ISP soon and will lose the demon email address. I can be contacted in future using either of these addresses:

daven12@zoho.com or editor@pita.co.uk

Once again very many thanks for contacting me with news of your latest book.

Yours sincerely

Daven Chamberlain

(PITA Publications Editor)
01/11/2012P. Dasgupta
Dear Dr Patel

Wish you a very happy new year 2012

I will like to order a copy of your book on recycling.Please let me know your address where I can send you a at par SBI chequeand the amount to be sent including postage and packaging.Later I can hand over the book to office and claim the amount. This way it is better as the company usually buys books from approved booksellorsat a discount etc. I have your other two books purchased the same way.

With personal regds

01/06/2012Denise et Maurice_DELAFOSSE
j'ai pris connaissance de votre site et de vos travaux bravo Mahendra vous restez fidèle à la Science ; bravo et bonne continuation.
Denise Delafosse
10/24/2011Dr R. K. Pauchuri
Dear Dr. Patel,

I am very grateful for your kind good wishes for Diwali. I take this
opportunity to reciprocate your warm sentiments, and I hope the festival of
lights will bring peace, prosperity and happiness for you and those dear to

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,
R.K. Pachauri
10/24/2011Dr Tribhuban Roy
I join my family in wishing you and your family a prosperous and a very Happy Diwali.

Please forward your address in Delhi
09/16/2011Sangeeta Gamad
From: sangeeta gamad <sangeeta.gamad@gmail.com>
To: patel@industrypaper.net
Sent: Tuesday, 6 September 2011, 11:02
Subject: purchase of books

Respected Sir
Thankyou for sending us following books
1. Minerals in paper manuacture" by Dr.M. Patel, Cost Rs.2250/-
2. Micro and nano Technology in paper manufacturing by Dr. M. Patel,
Cost Rs. 2750/-.
In this regard we wish to inform you that other suppliers are offering
discount of 10 % so we also request you to kindly offer the same
discount . Please send us reply at the earliest so as to enable us to
initiate the process for payment. A copy of letter from D.K. Jain, Book Paradise
offering 10 % discount is enclosed herewith.
with regards
Sangeeta Gamad
09/16/2011Jahanzeb Ali
Dear Dr. Patel.

This is Jahanzeb Ali Akhtar from Century Paper & board Mills Ltd. Pakistan.

Hope you are fine.

Its long time we met last in Mumbai.

My Friend; I wanted to share you some of ongoing developments at our mills. We are planning to modify our Pulp Mills Operations aiming to introduce Chemicals Recovery. We are working on various options and the one under considerations is;

Caustic Cooking – Oxygen Delignification i.e. EOP Followed by Chemicals Recovery.

We are looking for expertise who can help us in right project conception and equipment selection. Could you please introduce people who can stay with is for some time for advisory & training purposes.

Hoping for a favorable reply from your side.

Moreover, could you please let us know about PAPEREX INDIA. Is this event being organized this year.

Thanking you

With Best Regards


General Manager ( Production )
07/25/2011Christiane Ballerand
Dear Dr Mahendra Patel,

We would like to buy your book here above referenced. Please could you indicate me how I can proceed : I check on the website but did not find the way to send you my order.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

Kind regards

Christiane Ballerand
Ahlstrom Innovation Services

Ahlstrom Research & Services
05/23/2011Victor Anaya
Dear Dr. Patel,

I have just received the book a few days ago. I think it is quite enlightening and the information will be quite valuable in our research.

I thank you kindly for your work and look forward to further such material from you in the near future.

Best regards,
Victor Anaya
R&D Manager
Anacom Materials, LLC
Houston, TX
I have interest in order both the Minerals In paper Manufacturing and Micro and Nan Technology for Paper manufacturing books at a total US$ cot of 185 + shipping. Would like to pay by Paypal , so if you could e-mail me an invoice or directions on how to do that, it would be appreciated.

04/10/2011Rita Jingar.
To Mr. Mahendra,
By telephonic talk with you regarding the book of Micro & Nanotechnology, just give us the details that in Ahmedabad where we can get this book.

Best Regards
Rita Jingar.
04/06/2011Federico Anaya
Hello Dr. Patel,
We would like to order a copy of your book
Micro and Nano Technology in Paper Manufacturing

Can you please let me know how we can place this order?
Thank you!
Dr. Patel,
I see in your invoice that you also accept Paypal, this would be better for me, can you please send details to send you the $140 this way?
Thank you.
04/05/2011Leslie C. Glaser
I would like to purchase “Micro and Nano Technology in Paper Manufacturing” by Dr. Mahendra Patel.

I would like to purchase “Micro and Nano Technology in Paper Manufacturing” by Dr. Mahendra Patel.Please let me know where I can purchase this?

Thank you,
04/05/2011Zhen Gong
Dear Dr.Patel,
I am interested in the book on "Micro and Nanotechnology in Paper Manufacturing",how to purchase?
Look forward to your respond.

Best Regards
Zhen Gong
03/20/2011Jaroslav Misek
Dear Mr. Patel,

I can inform you with pleasure that today I have got your book.

My promise - after reading I will send you my opinion.

Kindly regards

Jaroslav Misek
03/08/2011Jahangeb, Pakistan
Dear Dr. Patel.

Nice to receive your mail. We had bout both of your books offered couple of months back. These are extremely good. Please do let us know about some more of such useful literature on Pulp & Paper Technology.

Wishing you all the best.


02/27/2011Reply to Khairium
Dear Khairun,
You can send me your mails in industrypaper@yahoo.co.uk
You must have access to microscopic techniques-SEM/TEM/AFM to work on Nanotechnology. I can help you in this matter.
Pl.leave your e-mail here or send your query in the Yahoo mail for my book.
Dr M. Patel
02/15/2011Khairiun Azizi Azizli
Dear Dr. Patel,

I am a rrsearcher from Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia.

I am interested to work further in production of nano minerals from the local resources. Can I get some advise from you on this matter? Further, how can I purchase a copy of yopur book?

I lokk forward to receiving a favorable from you soon.

Kind Regards,
02/05/2011Guy Tireau
Cher Mahendra,
Felicitation pour tes efforts scientifiques, de tes livres sur la mineralogie et le Nanotechnologie. Je viens de voir des revues dans le "Paper Technology", Nov.2010 sur tes livres.
01/27/2011Prof. Pradeep K. Rohatgi, USA
Dear Dr Patel,Great to hear from you and teh good work that you are doing.Happy New year to you .I will be in Delhi Jan 24-27 and feb 8-11 and perhaps we can meet.Wisconsin is the paper capital of the world woth Kimberly Clark and there should be a lot of interest in your work,specially in Madison.I will like to review your book.All the best to your family.
Nice to know that you have written four books in the mean -2 for PIRA International and 2 published by Industrypaper. Please send me an invoice for the following biiks:
Minerals in Paper Manufacturing
Micri and Nanotechnology in paper manufacturing.
09/14/2010Dr M. Patel
Please leave your message here with you contact e-mail or send your message to;
05/25/2010Dr M. Patel
Sorry,contact: patel@industrypaper.net is not functioning presently. Pl.send your query in
05/05/2010Ed Malik, Waterloo, USA
Dr. Patel

Please inform me the procedure for purchasing your book "Micro and Nano Technology in Paper Manufacturing".

As I understand it the cost is $120.00 plus $20.00 shipping charges, for a total of $140.00.

I would like to get any input you may have in how Nanotechnology Paper may be able to benefit my company. My company converts paper, twisting it into a cord, folding it into a flat then weaving on looms giving it the appearance of wicker. Refer to my web page www.buffaloweaver.com to see our process and applications.

Some thoughts I have are that a paper with a high tensile strength, you would be able to use for chairs in the seating and back rest area that would hold up to the weight requirements of an individual, eliminating additional metal supports. Possibly could use a woven paper to replace fiberglass cloths currently in use for wind turbine blades, marine industry, aeronautics, ballistics... Essentially an alternative to fiberglass cloths.

Look forward to your response.

Best regards,
Ed Malek
Buffalo Weaver, Inc.
400 Ansborough Avenue
Waterloo, IA 50701
(319) 287-5868
11/11/2009Russel Andrew
Pl.let me know the total cost of the book and how can I send the money.
10/16/2009Dr M. Patel
Cost of Book on:
Micro and Nanotechnology in Paper Manufacturing-US $ 120 + US $ 20 for air mailing.
For details pl.write to:
10/03/2009shila odedra
i want information about nanotechnology in pulp&paper industries
How can I buy the books? Can I do it in the internet bookshop?
07/28/2009sharmila patil

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